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Friendly games? What's at stake?
Wednesday February 29, 2012 will write another chapter for most national teams around the world. This event is organized by FIFA and has among other objectives get teams to continue with their cycles of preparation ahead of knockout competitions and the maximum orbital appointment in soccer: the World Cup Brazil 2014.
Among the most striking are the games of sensation Venezuela who leads the playoffs in the CONMEBOL, pitting the reigning world champion Spain, in Malaga.
Another interesting game will be between Colombia, with new coaching staff on board in Miami to face the eternal candidate to win their series in CONCACAF: Mexico, the game will offer coaches the opportunity to assess their strengths and weaknesses in a very competitive environment, with much to analyze.
Every coach is loaded with the inevitable task of identifying players who have both talent and attitude, this triumph, unless a coach or mismanaged fame gets in the way, certain. Some other players are blessed with great talent but display a poor attitude, are somehow identified by the fans for their bad, but still some coaches believe they have the magic wand to change those, "to save them". Finally the coaches will look at those with an impeccable work ethic, great attitude, despite being a little less talented. These athletes take advantage of every opportunity to shine, to show they have what it takes to go very far.
At this point we know that talent is probably more difficult to improve, although the repetition works wonders ... but definitely the attitude, the mental toughness can be improved to where ever the sportsman might desire, but this the big question: The talented want to improve or will remain blind to the developments of the work off the court to shine in it?.
Playing football is and always will be a combination of talent and attitude. In each sector of the pitch changes, each player will be different, but as the coach understands that these two features together make the difference between a team playing without worrying about the score but because they are "team" will managed to move towards important goals, enjoying the trip.
According to Bill Beswick, attitude is defined as the translation into action of the thoughts and feelings of the player. A winning attitude will follow the dynamics: Physical Strength Mental Focus + Great + High Energy Mental and Emotional Stamina + Fortitude against wear. If this is attainable with work shall be working mental and technical + Tactical aspects the key factors to get to the front line.
The talent of each player will be crucial in every game, but certainly the attitude is the driving force to success. The most recent example is when some teams enter the field and are reluctant to lose just because of the shirt in front of them. So, many teams work the attitude with which face the rival. Unfortunately, when this process is not continuous variations in performance will be very high because that extra motivator to confront a "great" rival disappears when confronted with another rival or another team considered less considered.
A positive mental attitude is reflected in constructive response against stress. Many of the players selected to form the absolute teams in their countries respond to these challenges in terms of being familiar with these types of challenges, having taste successes or winning something, being fully prepared physically, and with great joy of being able to prove itself in these great games.
If, however, doubt get in the way of the player, his skills will be affected, resulting in errors in the field, injury, fatigue, etc.
The great internal battle will be ... "I can" versus "I cannot". In football every player will feel fear. The football player is permanently exposed to many influences, both positive and negative. The power of observation and instructive dialogue from coach will make a difference in the handling of such influences, in order to timely correct some predictable events. Following Dr. Robert Neff, why wait for the injury to happen you can prevent such mishaps in performance.
The balance between confidence and anxiety must be always taken into consideration, with special attention to manage to change negative trends into positive engines, generators of optimal performance.
Playing the best game will involve for the players using their ability to recognize, evaluate and modify any thought coming to their head. Removing those not useful, praising and cultivating a positive self-talk and focusing on the task at hand. Mental work tools are research-based, proven elements available to help players to enhance their playing experience, to focus on implementing its mission in the field, generally to improve their attitude, playing with success in mind.
Let's see how these elements are displayed or inhibit tomorrow during FIFA friendly date, enjoy the wonders of Football.

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