domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

God give me patience...

Reading a recent tweet, I came across with this plea, "Lord, give me patience." 
I was struck watching how something people do routinely might have profound implications for everyday life. Religions have been fundamental, structural within many cultures, either by their presence or absence. When people beg, pray, ask for; often feel a connection with a divine essence, a powerful force. There, may not be room for logical explanation, but sustained by principles of faith, a revitalized energy and a desire to continue plowing through some rough paths, emerge from within, sometimes working, and sometimes just seeming to be going unheard.
It is important to recognize and respect such religious or dogmatic elements that everyone uses for their welfare.
Now, what if we do an exercise; on the basis that God is good, merciful, hear and do not abandon those who follow him, praise him and obey him as described in most religions; let’s all figure out, in fact, that God is within us all.
When we have God within us, we can hear him better when he invites us not to perish, to be patient, to believe in our talents. Generally speaking having God inside is a complicated idea because it means breaking with many paradigms taught from an early age. As we said before, religion has been part of the structural development of societies, have helped to control through fear instillation, instincts; have helped to govern through the teaching of attachment to poverty. But in many cases have also helped many communities to teach a message of respect and love for others, even though many representatives of different churches do not show a great of example of such principles. Nevertheless, that is secondary to our point today.
Returning to the concept of bringing God as a living force within us, we can develop a huge advantage by creating an excellent source of intrinsic motivation. By generating often phrases inside we can clearly listen Him scream “do not give up, you can do it”; we may certainly develop more interesting life plans; plans where fears for others to break us down, will simply pass by because we will be more attentive to select and retain more useful thoughts, looking always to do something good with our lives, we will listen less to those negative voices inside.
If you practice and feed your faith, God shall be inside you, therefore make sure you understand that you can control some elements about your life; for those others uncontrollable, rest assured you did your best and trust that the God of life, the one living within you, will see your efforts to make things turn out well, respecting others and nature and just because of that fact, He will come to support you and your struggles.
Leave worries, anxieties, stresses aside, focus on hearing God inside you every moment, live intensely, knowing that the will of God is your wellbeing, there shall be no place for doubts, and act upon such premises.
At least I think so and I decided to invite you to do the same, with respect.

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