lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

The paradox of performing great for a big game...

Performance anxiety is perhaps the most common problem experienced by athletes. Even if coaches warn of this phenomenon, paradoxically, it often generates a reverse effect, unwanted.
When competition is about to begin, the athlete feels some anxiety or excitement, and during the competition, there are mistakes or poor judgment, then those with mental abilities developed specifically for this condition, will have more options for recovery, to master.
Quiet, safe and worry are words used by athletes to describe what it feels like during periods of high performance. The "zone" is the opposite of performance anxiety and can be controlled by any athlete who has the discipline to learn and practice mental skills.
When on the contrary, mental abilities have been left to chance or at the discretion of that train hard with the physical, technical and tactical, will be enough, more errors are present.At this point of competition is usually observed in individuals and collectively, an attitude of excessive self-criticism, with a negative internal dialogue, remnants of past losers situations, ending in more errors and poor performance.
That game is so important that "had to win," becomes the perfect catalyst for the mind to wander, intrusive thoughts run free, fears do party and so on, almost to want to ask the referee to end the match .
Usually when a team enters this type of crisis, other solutions are generated as incorporating a new coaching staff. This situation, temporary, positive attitudes generally mobilizes players attitudes are unfortunately short lived because once the novelty and the desire to please the new boss, the need to fit in the new scheme is assured, pass as fast as generated, repeating the cycle.
Ideally, to think about the paradox of anxiety versus performance, the athlete will among other things, consider: minimize the importance of the game, treat it as another one, to identify intrusive thoughts, control your breath, assess the physical work, technical and tactical performed; generate more intrinsic motivational elements, pride, etc.., in general, be clear what the goals are as individual and group goals align with, always from a wide communication, inclusive, where empowerment is extended to everyone in the organization.
The next time you see the face of a situation "very important" remember this article and relax, do your best move and allow yourself to feel the moment, nothing is more important to enjoy your job, well done.

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