sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

The why...

Meeting with a parent who read about our services @ http://www.mtipartner.com/user/EDER_MTI/. This person basically told me: I want to find for my son every tool, element of competition or scenario where he can improve his walk in life. His son plays elite league in Calgary and has been training for years at competitive level. Even though the kid is very well behave inside and outside the pitch, the father feels that mental skills training makes sense for his son and certainly for the whole squad. His vision of success include a team that commit to training sessions, both fitness and mental, a team that manage to finish strong the season and a team that continue to build up momentum to reach nationals.
As we can see there are goals related to process, (the daily know-how); goals related to performance(play better, finish strong games and season), and goals related to outcome (reach a spot at nationals). When a father translate or read those elements to/from his child we can see that there is a positive communication around that household. We provide the support to make sure that the triad at excelling in sport is properly working together. Such triad is compose of parents, athletes and coaches. MTI offers a comprehensive web-based system to educate the triad, to allow a discussion and to foment a systematic positive behavior from a new paradigm in regards to high performance training.
Nowadays it is well documented and researched that mental training is needed, along with physical and tactical training in order for an athlete or sport organization to enhance their performance, enjoy the sport activity and reach better outcomes in general.
On addition to such web-based resources, Certified Mental Trainers® from MTI works one on one with athletes to develop a wide range of mental skills. In a relaxed, yet committed environment we empower athletes to use all their potential, to regain trust on their talent and encourage healthy and meaningful habits.
The whole idea of working with a mental trainer is to make sure that an athlete with great talent, high work ethic
and elevated dreams use all of his mental abilities alongside his physical talent in pursuit of the triumph.
For more ideas and support working with a mental trainer contact me for a free assessment. 

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