domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Loving you from my freedom...

Song to the Honest Love

That I am going to love you forever I cannot promise that
Neither that I am going to be faithful to you until I die
We might not walk holding hands down the street
Not to fill your room with red roses
Doubt that I will always gonna kiss you passionately
I swear there will be sorrows
discussing problems and more
And I might even look at other women
You will be looking at other men
swear you're not my everything
not my sky
Not my only reason to live
-Still, I miss you sometimes-
I promise I will not always be luscious about you
Sometimes I will even get tired of your sex
-You will get tired of mine as well-
And your hair  sometimes, in my face, would be just an annoyance
I swear there will be moments when we will feel a mutual hatred
Moments when we might want to end it all
-and perhaps we might finish it-
-But Iet me tell you that we will love each other,
We will build something, We will share our selves
-Now, will you believe that I love you?

Poem published by Psychologist Jose Bautista, my teacher at Universidad del Valle.
Mentions the distinguished teacher how this poem was found and walked through the halls of the Universidad Nacional in Bogota, being from an unknown author. In 1990 Professor Bautista asked for some help to find this author, I wonder if that task was or it will be fulfilled ....

Today I share it to make love to life ... or is this not the same as what we live with everyday?

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