jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

Eating a healthier life...bite by bite

In this second article from the series towards a better you, I want to invite you to think about eating patterns and discuss some suggestions to implement today. Remember, the idea is to achieve changes. You choose to go easy or to go strong pursuing the new YOU.
In order for a change to occur, we need to recognize that it is going to be a different experience from one person to another, everybody is different, so you will need to be aware of your inner strengths and weaknesses and took action applying every tools at your disposal. You might want to know that there are several elements having an impact in your health, it is key to understand that nothing is written in stone, flexibility is key.
For someone who love hamburgers and pizzas, who can't deny it...It might be unwise to ask them to stop altogether eating this and that. That approach is usually interpreted as an order, as a punishment by somebody who might have some issues to resolve with authority or self-worth and usually ends up using psychological mechanism of defense to remain the same.
In this case, because we are suggesting an approach based on an everybody’s supposed tendency to improve, we are taking distance from clinical psychology methodology of work.  
It is about smaller changes within your eating routine that we want to suggest changes. It is about being sensitive, so you could be able to be successful at smaller steps and become in a more likely person continuing to implement more and more changes, day by day.
By now, just pay attention to what you eat, amounts, style, places, rituals about this vital process of the human experience. Try to see yourself from outside, like in third person. The exercise might be exhausting for some, but also could be gratifying for others who dare to see beyond the "normal". If you do not like what you see from outside, then you will be more prone to make positive changes.
The proposal for this particular program is that you change portion sizes. You will continue to eat pretty much the same type of food, but different amounts of food. For instance, if you used to eat a plate full of rice, beans and steak with french fries. You can try cutting half everything!!! Do it and pay attention to your metabolism, your stomach might tell you "need more...." it is because is used to such amounts, but if you include a lot of water before the meal, you will get a sensation of fullness, resulting on getting a satisfying sensation. Talk to your significant ones about your plans and ask for support.
In order to do this exercise, set your mind along with your goals about losing weight, about avoiding many diseases related to poor eating patterns or visualizing yourself being fit. Remember this is about YOU.
Do not fail to the tramp to skip meals like breakfast, there is no reason valid to miss any meal and the reason is because you will end up slowing down your metabolism, feeling tired, fatigued, without energy, with your brain sending to you messages related to surviving, with a most likely result will on a binge with even more negative self talk, setting you toward failure.
Additionally, in order to increase the chances on getting a healthier, thinner and fitter figure and mind, remember to carry low carb, low sugar, low calories snacks especially for the go. Such snacks if are natural, even better. Processed foods has been long ago linked with cancer leads.  
Remember that if you can't read the name of some ingredients from most of processed foods, you are bringing something damaging into your temple, which is your body.
Get used to read labels on food packaging, paying close attention to sugar, sodium and fat contents. High protein and fiber shall be a positive thing to look for.
Vegetables and fruits are a must on any healthy approach to eating. The rainbow of greens, yellows, reds and more colors are welcomed to support positive digestive process, thus eliminating residues and preventing issues with your colon, heart, intestines and other organs.
Having smaller portions through the day (every 2-3 hours) you will see how your metabolism speeds up, you will get a sensation of being full and will avoid putting too much pressure on your body. Treat it as your tool to live a happier life. If you recognize having symptoms of an emotional eating issue, do not hesitate to look for professional help. Diseases such bulimia and anorexia are real and can be treated if are appropriately addressed. Shame and guilt are useless, trust and awareness are power.

Stay tuned for Day # 3.

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