martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Step by Step toward a new YOU in 8 days...

Compounding effect has been long ago described as the best way to achieve success without putting too much pressure on your busy schedule or in your recovering body or in your novice spirit, too new to sports.
With that perspective, let's walk toward well-being, with a step by step program aimed to support your dreams to live healthier, longer and stronger.
Day 1: Move your body, shake it up. Regardless if you are a seasoned runner or a potato couch, set your beginning target on moving your body. Maybe an extra mile, a new path, a different workout you learnt from a colleague from a specialized group from sites like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook. etc. Nowadays is practically impossible not to find everybody on social media, and the best is that they are sharing their secrets. On the other hand, if you are too new to try this about running, or maybe you are bombarded with negative thought about your shape, fitness etc. You can change your internal dialogue for an encouraging one. Try walking instead of running, run fewer kilometers at the beginning until you realized how strong you are getting.
The endorphin produced from practicing a physical exercise, along with the satisfying sense of the goal accomplished will result in a boost of energy which will help you to take whatever life might throw at you.
Research has proven how physical activity along with the high coming from the mentioned endorphin result in a more open and positive disposition to enjoy sexual life, among many other benefits that you start to enjoy from day one.
One of such additional benefits has been described around the fact that physical activity fight off depression. Things like the time to think on a different approach to problems, issues, troubles might be the reason for such benefit. Or maybe it is the fresh air feeding with oxigen the brain, therefore supporting the cortex to do its function.
Or maybe its the positive effect of the blue skies, allowing the brain to be stimulate toward a relaxing state of mind. Regardless what it is, the fact is that going out or running inside, is a proven great thing to do.  
So, with all this explanation, set your mind to visualize yourself running, walking, doing weight lift in your house, climbing hills, taking stairs instead of elevators, eventually walking the mall two or three times just to get your target daily.
Remember that your goal about fitness will need to be specif, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely so you could be able to say and write what are you going to do; be able to check if you reach it that day; shall be something that you will achieve without putting too much strain in your routine so you will do it again; realistic enough so you will no quit just because it might look too daunting or impossible to reach; finally a goal will need to be timely, meaning that you will set that goal in a particular space of time.
When you take the first step toward physical improvement, you will not want to return to that life where you knew you were dying slowly, letting the days, weeks, months and years took you on a downward spiral.
The world is yours, take it. Regardless how many times your brain might have repeated you negative ideas; you are NOW aware that you can and want to live better, within a body in great shape. Enjoy this, smiling.

Stay tune for step # 2.

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